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La Biosthétique Canada – Salon Opening

Vancouver, BC, October 11, 2017 – With great excitement, La Biosthétique Canada wishes to congratulate Anita Lee on opening her La Biosthétique Paris boutique concept salon in Vancouver, Canada.

Anita Lee is not only a La Biosthétique Canada Make-Up Educator and Brand Ambassador, but also a much loved family member of La Biosthétique. Together with her enthusiastic team, Helmet Salon has actively participated in numerous La Biosthétique events such as La Biosthétique Trend Shows, Eco Fashion Weeks, LOVE Her, Luxury Supercar Weekend, Bridal Expos, to name a few. The on going commitment and loyalty in which Helmet Salon has together with La Biosthétique, has organically blossomed into Helmet Salon becoming La Biosthétique Canada’s newest boutique concept salon. We have no doubt our long term partnership will continue to be enriched with Anita’s on going success and loyalty and wish this amazing team wonderful happiness, growth and prosperity.

La Biosthétique is the combination of life and beauty, bios and aesthetics. We combine nature and science through intensive research and insist on only the best, raw ingredients to develop and produce eco-friendly, highly effective cosmetics for hair and skin. As a family-owned company, we are proud to have invested in Helmet Salon’s new journey as a concept salon and will continue to support Helmet Salon holistically grow into the natural, professional and reputable company that it is and will continue to be.



Philip Jung, General Manager Canada and USA

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